Retaining Walls

In order to create usable space and landscape structures, retaining walls are often required. Great Escape Gardens has considerable experience in constructing large-scale landscape structural components and we have a thorough understanding of material selection.

Decking, Pergolas and Boardwalks

Timber decking provides a soft textural element in a garden as well as being a solid construction material. Boardwalks can be designed to provide easier access over difficult terrain or into more natural, densely planted bush, regardless of the weather. Great Escape Garden's attention to detail and effective design combine to ensure decks and boardwalks are practical, safe and attractive. Pergolas provide an overhead structure that provides a sense of enclosure, shade and support for climbing plants and privacy.


Fences define boundaries and spaces within a garden and between properties. They can provide security and contain children and pets on your property. They can form the entrance to a property and, with the benefit of good design, will complement a house and its wider surroundings.

Concreting & Paving

Driveways are often the first thing to be seen of your garden. Repair, renew or extend yours with a wide choice of paving or concrete colours and finishes.